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The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation wants our help. Yes, as Andy Goff reveals, it’s true.

Overburdened as NATO is with scraps going on in various global locations, the organisation’s new Secretary General, former Danish Prime Minister and economist Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is seeking public opinion.

Rasmussen has promised to open the review of NATO’s Strategic Concept to the public. But what might that mean?

Earlier this month the Strategic Concept was revealed:-

A group of 12 experts has been appointed, led by Madeleine Albright and a former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Jeroen van der Veer. Their job is to consult as widely as possible to determine what NATO should be and do in future.

Rasmussen also promised: “I will also conduct town halls in as many NATO countries as I can, to hear from all walks of life. And I want to assure everyone who shares their views with us that they will be heard. We will compile the input and it will be fed directly into the process and to the people that will develop the final document.”

The new Secretary General also asserted: “I want to see NATO reach its full potential as a pillar of global security.”

This rather leads me to believe that the Strategic Concept is a device to ensure that NATO, led by the might of the United States, can be seen to have the support of the general public in its member countries.

This will justify whatever cost is involved in NATO forgoing its ‘Atlantic’ element and might as well stand for ‘Now A Terrorist Operation’.

NATO is becoming the world’s policeman using, sometimes, proxy forces of the Untied States to step in to fill the breach left open by the United Nations’ failures to act. I’m thinking of the Balkans, Rwanda, Iraq and Afghanistan.

NATO has drifted from its original remit as a bulwark against the Soviet Union and is now seeking a new role with new justification to intervene, by-passing the UN Security Council – which has, as we have seen in the past, been problematic in getting things done.

I hope the public do engage with Rasmussen’s opinion-seeking programme and I hope the opinion is that NATO should stick to its original principle - that of safeguarding the North Atlantic.

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