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Tony Mowbray

Albion ran riot on Saturday, giving a glorious stuffing to the Tractor Boys of Ipswich. That's what the 4-0 scoreline suggests anyway. Don't believe it warns Terry Wills.

"It's a funny old game" One of the laconic comments from a certain Jimmy Greaves who knew a thing or two when ruminating on the merits or otherwise of the 'beautiful' game and strange results surrounding it.

From Ipswich Town's point of view the Baggies 'crushing 4-0 win must have led to their players screaming out, not in laughter, but in total despair, as they trooped off the field well and truly hammered realising their supporters were feeling equally bewildered at the manner of this comprehensive defeat.

But back to the beginning. With a full squad available Tony Mowbray chose to give Ishmael Miller and Chris Brunt their first full outings and after 23 minutes it was 'Tiny's strength and pace proving too much to handle when he 'picked' up the ball, shrugged of a couple of challenges and calmly slotted home.

We were on our way. Filipe Teixiera pulled the strings from midfield, the whole team stroked the ball around in the now accepted manner, and despite the 'Tractor Boys' competing well the Baggies should have been more than one up at the break.

So what happened during the interval to transform proceedings ? Good question.

Out came the teams accompanied by the usual raucous upbeat music (music!) that's intended to inspire fans and team alike.

It didn't this time.

From the restart Ipswich upped their game, pushed forward, and every time their wide men crossed the ball it caused what can only be described as total panic among the defence.

In fact I couldn't help thinking if the game was being filmed by a Hollywood producer every time Town mounted an attack he would have been tempted to dub in the soundtrack from the blockbuster film Jaws!

(In the film you knew that any individual enjoying a swim in the 'deep' blue sea' would shortly be devoured by a great white shark simply because the soundtrack warmed of their impeding demise!)

For some reason Albion retreated ever deeper and I could almost 'hear the

'Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum' music reaching a crescendo, with Dean Kiely finally having to 'fish' the ball out of his net after Town accepted one of the many chances that had came their way. But he didn't - all because Ipswich were let down by their own shortcomings.

The Baggies themselves desperately needed a second goal to 'see off' the Town who were made to pay for their errors in the cruellest possible manner.

Three minutes remaining and Man of the Match Teixeira notched the second goal to relieve the tension and then in a bizarre last remaining three minutes, plus added time, Kevin Phillips added two more to send the away fans wondering if their Supporters Club coach drivers had run over a horde of 'Black Cats' on the long journey down from John Constable country!

Who played well? In the opening half virtually everyone and based on this it's hard to fathom out just WHY they went off the boil?

So three home games. Three victories. Eight goals scored. None conceded and third in the table. Promotion winning form BUT the acid test will come when they travel away from the Hawthorns starting with two matches in the next five days at Bristol City and Scunthorpe United.

A combination of attacking prowess aided by a resolute steely defence will be good enough to see off most teams. All we can do is wait, see, and hope we don't hear that dramatic theme from Jaws pounding away in our ears every time the opposition cross the halfway line!

"Come on you Baggies.

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