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Judging by radio phone ins, Terry Wills reckons that football fans are deciding to put club before country, and have lost interest in the national team. Not him though.

England 3 Israel 0. A satisfying result that 'must' have led England supporters nationwide into celebrating another step towards next year's European Championship Finals.

But no, that wasn't the case judged by the number of fans 'anxious' to contact National and Local Radio phone in programmes last week to claim

"I have no interest in England. All I care a bout is my team. I couldn't care less if England win or lose'. I want to watch my club and don't want our best players risking injury in International matches"

Now as someone ('sadly' old enough to recall the atmosphere after first seeing England win the World Cup at Wembley back in 1966, and then being a part of the post match celebrations! ) I can't help but ask .....WHY?

Ok. Perhaps living in the Midlands we can't feel 'threatened' at the prospect of seeing our best players chosen by the incompetent Steve McLaren, as do the hordes of Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool supporters who continue to spout the same old repetitive rhetoric.

In fact apart from the likes of Gareth Barry, Ashley Young, Reo-Coker, and Agbonlahor at Villa, there's 's as much chance of Midland players being selected as there is of expecting a Politician giving an honest answer to a straight question!

But that doesn't stop me asking all dedicated 'Stirrer' football 'supporters "Do you care whether England reach the European Finals in 2008 or are you completely indifferent?

Personally I'll be bitterly disappointed if we fail because watching a major international tournament without an English team, definitely takes an edge off the competition.

Modern day supporters, fed on an ever-expanding 'diet' of Premiership football led by their paymasters Sky Television, have managed to 'brainwash' fans that the 'Greed League' is the only place to be - arguing that any aspiring club HAS to up there competing with the big boys'.

In turn supporters demand 'big named players be recruited and if and, when they do, they immediately moan and groan when an England manager selects them to represent the country - leading to the debate. Is this a majority feeling among fans?

Given the choice would YOU agree that 'your' club should come before England's attempts to reach, in this instance, the Finals of the European Championship, or would you be happy to see 'your' players not selected in case they got injured and subsequently missed vital club games?

Yes 1966 was 41 years ago and times were most certainly different, heck let's not forgot the Baggies 'really' did win the League Cup against a West Ham team that eventually contained three of the England World Cup Winning team!

For me I'd be 'over the moon' if Albion possessed players deemed capable of representing England and with that in mind I'll be watching and hoping to see Russia beaten on Wednesday meaning the National team can look forward to, hopefully, competing in the Lands of Swiss Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks in 2008!

But that's just my opinion. What's yours?

"Come on England'

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