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Carson Yeung’s arrival in the St Andrews boardroom can’t hide Blues plight in the Premiership. Andy Munro sees Blues lose at Burnley and calls for urgently needed investment.

This was a result that I think all Bluenoses could see coming.

Recently the Ginger One has been almost Brucie like in his bluster and even laughably suggested he was spoilt for choice with Gary O’Connor available as well as SuperKev…given Chucho’s return to Ecuador.(Let’s hope that he’s not a Quito).

In fact we were lucky just to lose 2-1 and this was against a team that’s spent even less than us and whose backing is confined to a pie tycoon. Whilst they also only played one up front, they obviously wanted it more than us and maybe that’s down to the manager.

Let’s face it McLeish’ and his backroom staff would make Gordon Brown look like Russell Brand in terms of charisma.

It’s bad enough losing to one team in claret and blue but to do so twice in a month is overdoing it. It seems that McLeish is now digging a trench in favour of one up front on the basis that other teams are playing that way.

The difference is in the forwards, Alex…even Stoke have got Beattie,Fuller and Kitson to pick from with pace and power…something that we haven’t got in abundance. I’m now really hoping that Carson Yeung decides to invest seriously which the previous Board were patently unwilling to do.

Unfortunately with the fixtures coming up, it’s likely to be Played 11 Points 7 which will be a reality check. That is why it was important to get a result against Burnley but Joe Hart conceded a nightmare goal and the defence and midfield hardly inspired confidence.

However it was the lack of forward power that is the most worrying.

We now have McLeish saying that he’s got to listen to the fans at home although lets face it whether we play 4-4-2,4-3-3 or 3-2-1 it will have the same result against the likes of the Arse.

It’s been said by pundits like Ron ‘Nine Lives’Atkinson that it’s not the formation but the players that are important. However, logic would dictate that if you are short of forward power but arguably have a decent midfield that you would bolster the forward line not your midfield with 4-4-2 the obvious choice.

Despite all this debate, I am not downhearted because all bluenoses will have received the fillip that we’ve all been waiting for…Marcus Bent is on his way back!



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