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An educational “motivator” featured on prime time BBC television despite being exposed by Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg has re-surfaced in Hollywood. Once again she’s left a trail of debts – just as she did in Birmingham.

Yolande Beckles ran a tuition company called Global Graduates, which earned a reputation in London for helping inner city kids improve their exam results, and she set up a base in Birmingham around the turn of the century.  So far, so good.

Unfortunately, it all turned sour, and the company quit the Second City in 2002, leaving behind a trail of debts. Creditors included BBC WM’s gospel show presenter Nicki Tapper who had been a teacher, and scriptwriter Andy Conway.

Could this all have been an unlucky one-off? A stroke of bad luck as Ms Beckles business empire expanded? Far from it. It soon emerged that she owed money left, right and centre in the capital too.

Despite her track record – exposed in a series of Birmingham Mail articles – she was inexplicably hired by BBC2 to host reality show “Don’t Mess With Beckles”.

Once it was broadcast, it was only a matter of time before the nationals caught up with the story – and, suffice to say, the series was never recomissioned.

The end, then, of Miss Beckles high profile educational career?

You might think so, but now she has resurfaced in the United States, and if the evidence on the Beckleswatch blog is to be believed she’s up to her old tricks.

Ah, Yolande…we’ve missed you.



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