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In his latest Blues blog, Andy Munro tries to look forward to the trip to Man United but will he be watching it from behind his settee and will it turn out to be the Theatre of Nightmares?

Well our Premiership return is getting nearer and if this is the ‘tickly bit’(as ex Manure player Brucie used to say) then I’m not laughing at the prospect.

As part of my psychological prematch preparation,I went to watch the Blues play Sporting Dijon who finished last season’s Primera campaign in the position that we’re hoping to achieve ourselves ie. Just outside the relegation area.I suppose at £3 admission even a nil nil was a bargain and I thought that it would be useful to check out the team,although to be frank,I didn’t learn a lot but here’s the rundown:-

  • Joe Hart;confident and quicker off his line and a better kicker (mind you so‘s my missus) than Maik Taylor.
  • Steve Carr;quality throughout with some great one twos and overlapping.
  • Gregory Vignal;some of his distribution wasn’t brilliant but got forward well and took no prisoners at the back.Could be worth signing as a free or minimal fee due to our current crisis.
  • Roger Johnston; particularly dominant in the air and with somebody decent next to him ,he will be okay.
  • Frankie Queudrue;I like Frank and he’s still quality on the ball,never gives up but always seems on the cusp of a ‘Ridgewell’ moment.
  • Seb Larsson; lively and even when things weren’t going right,he kept battling.
  • Lee Carsley;fought hard but has the same forward movement as Nafti,the Tunisian Butch Wilkins.
  • Barry Ferguson; ditto for Lee but slightly classier.
  • Lee Bowyer;undoubtedly the fittest of the midfield golden oldies and can still be a nasty piece of work,leaving his foot in when it’s not wanted,and still has the energy to burst into the box.
  • Keith Fahy; quality performance despite being shunted to the left wing to accomodate technically inferior players.
  • Cameron Jerome; did everything that you would expect as a one man forward line but needed more help up front than a 32 year old supporting midfielder could provide.
  • Gary O’Connor;neat and sensible but one paced – what’s new?
  • Kevin Phillips; clever turns and dangerous on the ball but needs the service.

Overall,I would say that we were still desperately in need of a forward and another pair of legs in midfield …and I’m not sure that Dijon’s Michel would be the answer ..classy, 6’ plus with a presence but didn’t quite do enough for me – I’d rather sign the poison dwarf,Steve Hunt, and move Keth Fahy into his rightful place in midfield.

Anyway, as I’m not going to Manure in person, my options are to brazen it out and watch it down the pub or watch it at home from behind the settee….and I think I know which I’m going to choose !


(Made in Brum Fanzine)

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