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The egg splattering antics of Unite Against Fascism may have silenced Nick Griffin’s planned press conference at Westminster yesterday. But Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg warns it only reinforces the “martyr complex” which has fuelled the BNP’s Euro election success.

Don’t get me wrong. I applaud the activism of those who seek to expose the racist ideology that underpins Griffin’s party.

The likes of Searchlight and Hope Not Hate have done a terrific job both in laying bare the BNP’s Nazi roots, and building a grass roots coalition to oppose it.

Listeners to my Talksport show last night weren’t slow to pick up on the meaning of UAF’s tactics though. These no doubt well-meaning activists are seeking to harass and intimidate Griffin to the point where his voice is silenced.

UAF leader Weyman Bennett all but told me that violence against the BNP was a legitimate tactic, because it has a “whites only” membership policy which places it outside the realms of conventional politics.

Some callers to my programme agreed, but the vast majority – even those who despise the BNP - took a different tack.

To them, the far right party has to be challenged in with words and arguments – not fists and boots.

Too many people feel that in modern, politically correct Britain, their own free speech is constrained – and attempts to gag the BNP have now reached the point where they are utterly counterproductive.

Remember, one of Griffin’s key myths is that the media and the major parties are all part of the same conspiracy of silence about the true state of modern Britain, where race and immigration can never be openly discussed.

Utter bollocks of course, but it’s a canard which is now believed by disturbingly large numbers of people.

The truth is that demonisation no longer works. Thousands of ordinary folk who feel they have been betrayed by the government and conventional politics no longer give a damn about being condemned as racists because the word has been over-used and devalued.

Unite Against Fascism – which veers alarmingly close to fascism itself in its denial of free speech to the BNP - should beware.

In engineering the martyrdom of St Nick, they may just be pushing more voters towards the cause they despise.



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