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It’s Villa v Blues this weekend…and our Blues blogger Andy Munro has a bit of a scoop.

I was having a sly lunchtime pint in the St Andrews Tavern in darkest Bordesley when I noticed a crumpled piece of paper on the table. I picked it up and as it seemed to be in some sort of foreign language, I took it to my mate who works at the language laboratory at B’ham Uni.

He told me that it was in fact Glaswegian and using the latest computer software managed to translate what amazingly appears to be McLeish’s proposed teamtalk for the derby game:-

“ Right laddies, this is bigger than Hearts v Hibernian and as big as the Gers v the Auld Enemy. Remember it’s a big one for me as well as it’s a chance for me to settle a few auld scores against that little leprechaun O’Neill.

“Joe…show me that you’re not just Hart in name, command that box like none of my Scottish keepers have ever been able to do.

“Gregory(Vignal)…every Premiership fan thinks the French play like a bunch of poofs so here’s your chance to prove them wrong. So let’s see that Ash stubbed out!

“Franc(Queuedrue)….you probably will be sporting the strangest derby hairstyle since Tony Daley so you may get some stick but all you need to do is to shut up the Gab.

“Roger(Johnson)…forget Cardiff v Swansea…this is the real thing so make sure that you take care of Carew.

“Stephen (Carr)…you played more like Alan Carr against the Spurz so here’s your chance to redeem yourself.

“Lee (Bowyer)…sharpen those studs son and just be yourself.

“Keith (Fahey)…Keith are you just a claret and blue cast off or are you the one that got away?

“Barry (Ferguson)…Barry let’s see a bit of Glasga derby passion and don’t forget to wave those notorious two fingers at the opposition

“James (McFadden)…Faddie let’s see a brave heart performance from ye

“Chucha (Benitez)…no point in giving you any instructions son because you wouldn’t understand them anyway

“Okay lads best of luck and make sure that you earn a tot of the hard stuff in your halftime tea otherwise it’ll be lukewarm Irnbru for the lot of ye.

“Note for Mrs McLeish; don’t forget to buy a tin of celebratory shortbread just in case…..



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