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For one night only! Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Shirley Maclaine, Peggy Lee and Petula Clarke, ‘dropped’ into the Alex to provide a wonderful night of nostalgia, lapped up by Terry Wills.

Mark Adams as Deanno’ was truly superb. His mannerisms, singing and general demeanour could make one almost believe you were sitting ‘Live in Las Vegas’ watching and listening to Dean Martin and a few friends entertaining those who felt the music of the 50s was the ultimate in terms of entertainment.

Backed by the splendid Barry Robinson Orchestra, the songs were delivered in the recognised style that has and will continue to stand the test of time.

Mark Adams is surely the definitive Martin tribute act. His smooth velvet sounding vocals, allied to his remarkably similar facial features, was greatly appreciated by an audience that came to be entertained and certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Whether it was solo renditions or duets made not the slightest difference. ‘Volare’, ‘Let There Be Love’ ‘Old Man River’, ‘Down Mexico Way’ ‘Too Young’, ‘Its all In The Game’,‘Down Mexico Way’, ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘King of the Road’,‘Sway’ - all delivered in a style and manner so different from that of modern day artists.

Colin Ray exhibited a laid back smooth approach in his interpretation of songs that made Nat King Cole such a popular singer when he was at the peak of his career.

The talented trio of ‘Golddiggers’ – Jasmin Stewart, Lucy Thatcher, and Katie Galston blended perfectly as a trio, and as individuals bought back reminiscences of Shirley Maclaine, Peggy Lee and Petula Clark at their peak.

But overall, it was Mark Adams who took the spotlight with his interpretation of Dean Martin. Often cracking jokes at his reputation for enjoying the ‘odd drink or two’! (As an aside, in reality, when Martin performed on stage with the original ‘Rat Pack’ his tipple was in fact a few glasses of apple juice).

For me ‘That’s Amore’ deserves its reputation as being one of the finest touring ‘Tribute’ shows on the circuit and listening to Mark’s endearing adaptation it’s easy to understand why he was chosen to play Dean Martin for four years in London’s ‘West End Rat Pack’ production.



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