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For all the hype about Carson Yeung's revolution, it was business as usual for Blues at The Emirates - a seemingly inevitable 3-1 defeat. But as Andy Munro reports, there was no lack of heart.

You know the scenario….the nurse holds you down and the doctor says, ‘Come on now take your medicine like a man.’

Well, that’s how it felt like against the Gunners – we knew we were going to get a good seeing to so it was best to get it out of the way hopefully with the minimum pain.

Mind you, 2-0 down after sixteen minutes gone, I was trying to remember the worst ever Premiership defeat but thankfully the Gunners seemed to lower their sights. Even better ,Lee Bowyer popped up with an opportunist goal and amazingly we were always in with a chance of salvaging the game until the Ruskie made it 3-1.

Let’s be honest, the Blues would have been dead lucky to salvage a point but at least the team generally battled hard. Credit must particularly go to the central defender duo who were excellent as was Joe Hart behind.

Stephen Carr was turned inside out for one of the Arsenal goals but was fairly solid but Liam Ridgewell is no left back and it really showed despite one cracking tackle on Walcott. In the centre of midfield Lee Carsley never hid whilst Barry Ferguson was as neat, tidy and unpenetrative as usual.

Unfortunately the wide players were poor and maybe McFadd and Seb are believing the hype and think that they are better than they are. Lee Bowyer continued to impress and ‘hats off’ to Cameron Jerome who ran his socks off.

Unfortunately McLeish’s safety first tactics were summed up when he brought on the Sheff for the ineffective McFadden, when we were crying out for SuperKev.

Anyway thankfully the fixture is out the way and I’m already looking forward to Xmas. This is purely because it’s only a week before the transfer window and I’m already rubbing my hands together with anticipation.

Certainly Carson and Co are making all the right noises and I hope Bluenoses (including the absent ones) back the new regime. To be frank, we have been too negative and keen to whinge which I suppose was a reflection of the previous regime.

Let’s hope that everybody rallies around, including the team, to ensure that we are still in touch with the relegation threatened pack when the Jan window opens.

Next up is Sunderland who, with Bent and Kenwyne Jones, are bound to score so let’s hope that’Braveheart’ plays two up front and we try and actually score ourselves.

PS Robbie Blake scores a wonder goal against Blackburn…was that the Blues player who was about as useful as a chocolate teapot? David Dunn gets man of the match…was that the Blues player who was usually as mobile as Jake the Peg and made about as many appearances as Lord Lucan?


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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