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Lapsed Labour members have received letters of apology from the party for their recent performance. But John Tyrrell, who used to represent the party on Birmingham Council, remains unimpressed.

I was more than amazed when I received a "sorry" letter from New Labour - addressed to me personally. Do they know I've left long since?

Perhaps they do, 'cos there's a joining form, but don't tell Ian Reilly or the other Regional Officers who run the party, and are hugely responsible for wheeling in remarkably unsuitable candidates.

"Dear Mr Tyrrell, We know that people are angry about MPs' expenses (they actually noticed this!) and we apologise - (but get this) on behalf of all parties - that the political system has let you and the public down."

And so it goes on about paying for extraordinary things with public money.

How can New Labour presume to apologise for everyone. Why don't they take responsibility for dealing with their own? Too late Blears in Arrears has taken herself off in high dudgeon, and several others. What will become of Hoon the Buffoon? Move over Darling.

Probably I'm far from unique in receiving this grovel-letter.

Hang on I've just turned over: "We need you to help us, which is why I'm writing to ask you to come back to Labour and rejoin the party at this crucial time".

Yes and privatise everything under the sun. Perhaps they hadn't noticed that 70% of those questioned detested the expensive, unreliable and fragmented rail "service" we have. Never mind the opposition to the Post Office and whatever else. Did the privatisation of prisons ever pass Maggie's lips?

Actually the European Union has taken powers which can compel member states to privatise their public services.

Well thank you very much for the offer but I will - ever so politely - decline.


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