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Stirrer blogger Dr David Nicholl was astonished to find a new CCTV installation coming to his home village of Hagley  Not only that – but it’s monitoring a childrens’ playground.

Anyone using the children’s playground in Hagley recently will notice the large signs announcing the presence of a CCTV camera and that this is a no alcohol area with a £500 fine.

The camera is not yet installed, but doubtless will be soon. I’ve lived in Hagley 6 years, but in that time, I have yet to notice any drunkards, drug addicts or indeed anyone dodgy using the swings and slides of Hagley’s playground.

Is this not completely over the top?

This country now has 1 CCTV camera for every 14 persons, and quite frankly, I think our kids, and the rest of us, have a right of privacy when using a playground.

The school has to get our consent to take a photo of our children, so what right has the council take video footage of my children playing?

Given the failings of data protection recently, how confident are we, as parents, about whoever is doing the watching? Has the council not got better things to spend its money (eg better facilities for teenagers) rather than intimidating and spying on the residents and children of Hagley?

Finally, shouldn’t the council stop spending our money on CCTV when there is virtually no evidence that it reduces crime?

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