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Sgt John Jones

Today is the second anniversary of the death of Sergeant John Jones, a soldier from Castle Bromwich who was killed by a roadside bomb in Basrah. Today his mother Carol tells us why she thinks her son lost his life in vain.

Since John died, Carol has become a tower of strength for other families suffering the loss of a loved one in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now helps run the Military Families Support Group (

As she tells Stirrer TV, she has also undergone a political awakening, and holds Tony Blair personally responsible for the loss of her son.

She now wants all British troops to be withdrawn immediately from Iraq, before any more are added to the death toll of 171.

Carol also argues that the Army's choice of the Land Rover "Snatch" vehicle for patrolling troops is simply inadequate.

Did John Jones, and the others like him who perished, die in vain?

And should British soldiers be immediately withdrawn from Iraq?

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