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The British Legion claimed this week that the government is failing to live up to its duty of care to British troops. When it comes to their accommodation, Carol Jones can't fail to agree.

This week I would like to talk about our squaddies housing.

When returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan they have to spend hundreds of pounds repairing their houses. Apparently 40% of military homes are sub-standard.

Their houses are not being repaired by the Defence Estates Housing Operation because the money has run out.

Soldiers are returning to smashed windows and squalor. Soldiers guarding the Queen at Hounslow barracks were being forced to live in condemned accommodation infested with mice and rats, with no hot water or heating even in the winter.

This is disgusting in this day and age, our lads put their lives at risk over there and have to return to this kind of treatment. I'm surprised anyone joins the Army these days.

It's time our troops were treated with some respect.

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