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Downing Street has surrendered to forces families who demanded the right to set up a petition calling for the chance to visit a memorial to fallen soldiers in Iraq. The news comes just days after the issue was highlighted on The Stirrer.

Carol Jones – whose Villa-mad son son John died in Basra – complained that when the petition was first hosted by the government last year, it disappeared - and it was impossible to get details from the Ministry of Defence about what had happened to it (see link here).

Our message board contributors pointed out that because it failed to reach 200 signatures, there was no obligation on officials to respond (see link here).

Now Carol has been told she can set up the petition again, leaving her overjoyed last night: “Yes, yes, yes, they have given in to me” she said.

"Now we have to get at least 200 signatures - and quick."

All Stirrer readers are invited to add their name to this excellent cause at

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