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Earlier this week, Carol Jones complained that the government had ignored her petition demanding the right to visit an impromptu memorial to her soldier son who died in Iraq.  Stirrer readers have established that because it didn’t get 200 signatures, Downing Street didn’t have to respond.  Now Carol has something else on her mind.

Been reading replies to my blog (see link here).

Pity the MOD didn't tell me what was going on, when I wrote to them, but there you go.

Anyway, the key point not to lose sight of is that other parents and I want to visit the memorial to our loved ones in Basra – and although we’re told it’s too dangerous for us, the MoD seems capable of looking after any Tom, Dick or Harriet from the media who wants to go the front line.

I have now re-applied, so keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, the fate of Private Jamie Cooper concerns me greatly.

Last year when I visited the injured troops in Selly Oak Hospital I met Jamie who had served with the Royal Green Jackets.

He was the youngest soldier to be injured, and was hit by two mortar bombs which blew out his stomach, paralysed a leg and shattered a hand. He also caught MRSA twice while in hospital.

The MOD have refused him the maximum £285,000 compensation under new rules.  He’ll receive just £57.587 plus £9,000 a year.

What do they class as 'seriously injured'?  His father said, "if these aren't bad enough injuries, I don't know what is."

Neither do I.

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Does Jamie Cooper’s compensation seem fair to you?

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