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Migration into Britain has continued to rise despite government pledges to control it, but one woman who doesn’t have the right to reside here is – bizarrely – the wife of a serving soldier. Samantha Crozier has been told she’ll have to leave her kids behind and go back to Canada, the country of her birth, before applying for citizenship here. Carol Jones takes up the cudgels.

Samantha is a Canadian national who six years ago met a British soldier Andrew Douglas Crozier when he was serving in her home country – they fell in love, and in 2004 got married there.

Andrew was then stationed in Germany, and Samatha had no problem following him – she simply obtained a status stamp in Dusseldorf at the cost of 15 Euro, which allowed her in the Country for 5 years

The couple then had two children - Ethan who’s two and one-year old Caleb. The lads, like their dad, have full British citizenship.

Samantha was advised to apply for a residents’ visa when she and Andrew moved to the UK, and duly coughed up the £400 fee – but now she’s been refused permission to stay. As the law stands, she’ll need to leave her kids and go back to Canada before applying for the relevant visa there.

This is a British Soldiers wife we are talking about here, not an illegal immigrant sneaking into this country in the back of a lorry!

What is wrong with the MOD? Who's going to look after the children when Andrew is deployed at the end of the year? Perhaps, they would have got on better if she had entered illegally.

This Government never ceases to amaze me!

Carol Jones runs the Military Families Support Group at which is campaigning for Samantha Crozier. 

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