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Terry Wills with Lucy Evans

Fomer Corrie star Lucy Evans (aka Lauren Wilson) washes up in the West Midlands later this year when she appears in the title role of Sleeping Beauty, the Hippodrome's panto. Terry Wills is already enchanted.

“So Lucy your first time in Panto”

“Yes I was in ‘Company’ last year, played the fairy in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ in Barnsley and this year I CANNOT believe my luck to be in Birmingham to play in the best Panto in the country”

“Is Birmingham really recognised as being the Mecca for Panto or is that said for the local media’s sake?

“Yes very much so. It really is. When I told friends I’d had a call to play in Birmingham they said you’re really lucky, you’ve got a really good one. I’m really looking forward to it”

“Obviously Panto is a different discipline from what’s termed mainstream theatre. How do you overcome this difficulty?

“Yes you need to have a go at over coming the problem all the time. But in Panto you can play around, do a lot of improvising and do stuff like that. It keeps you on the ball”

“Prefer live theatre to television roles?

"I change my mind it all depends on what I’m doing at the time! I love the TV work but you can’t beat being on a theatre stage before a live audience. On TV if anything goes wrong you can say ‘cut’ and do it again. You can’t get away with that on stage. You have a store of energy that say’s “you only have one shot” and that’s why it’s my favourite”

“Sometimes forget your lines and need to be prompted?

“ I’m really lucky in that respect I read my lines, learn like a parrot they go straight in and they’ll be in there for a couple of weeks. Then next year I haven’t a clue what I’d done the year before! I’ve always been lucky with lines thankfully-fingers crossed!

“How are you planning to spend your time in the City?

“Shopping, I love shopping! I’ve been to Birmingham before to film for the BBC but I’ve never really been anywhere apart from a hotel room or inside a Studio. So I’m quite excited about actually seeing the City”

“As said to Ray (Quinn) two performances a day restricts the amount of free time. So have you any plans as what to do apart from Shopping!?

“Mostly relaxing. Taking it easy and enjoying a bit of social time”

“Planning to visiting various events and attractions in and around the area?

“Yes I’ll checking out what’s going on, doing a some research to see what’s o offer”

“Coronation Street! Has your role of Lauren Williams been written out or is the door still open that some time in the future she could come back?

“I came in as a Holiday Rep in Weatherfield. Went on holiday, met a rich man so it all depends on how long Lauren and the rich man stick together. He’s gone off to Ibiza so I guess I could always make a return”

“Fictional Weatherfield, is it a close knit community?

“Yes everyone’s very friendly and when I joined I felt I knew everyone. They felt like my best friends. I still keep in contact and I’m working with one of the girls from ‘Corrie’ at the moment who left before I joined the cast”

“Does a role in popular Television show take over your personality to a degree?

“I think it means a little bit of yourself meeting the character you’re playing. I felt myself being attracted to the bright coloured clothes and the ridiculous high heels
.. It was more like shopping in Birmingham’s Bullring!

“Knowing the actors/ actresses as you did in the ‘Street’ how do they relate to some of the ‘outrageous’ story lines they’re asked to play? Gray O’Brien as Tony Gordon- a calm, cool murderer for example?"

(Chuckling response)

“I met him before he became the horrible man he is! I can relate to him being a nice guy when I got there. It’s quite funny. I’d watched ‘Corrie’ for years and when I joined the cast I expected the people to be like their characters although of course that didn’t make sense!

“Great to have Coronation Street on your CV?

“Amazing I was really fortunate to be in ‘Corrie’. A real lucky girl considering people such as Sir Ian McKellen have already featured and it’s reported that Ben Kingsley would like to play a part sometime in the future.

“Going back to your early days did you have an aptitude for ringing?

I started in Les Miserables at the age of eight playing little Cosette. My first non-singing role was when I was in the Middle East at eleven. My role in London at the moment is singing so I do like singing”

“How do you rate ‘ Le Mis’ as a Musical-some people love it while others hold the opposing opinion?

“I think it’s the greatest. I’m probably biased but I have friends who have been in and out, and I’d love to do it again”

“Ambitions after playing in ‘Sleeping Beauty?

“I’m still doing ‘Company in London at the moment. Then whatever comes along after the Panto I’ll be waiting for it”

“Britain’s got Talent - how do you rate the programme?

“I think it’s very good. I saw all of the early ones. But I’ll probably catch the re-runs.
I really like it I think it’s very good, really entertaining”

“Opinion of Susan Boyle?"

“Well it was just the biggest surprise. It was a shock. No one expected to hear a voice like that. It was just amazing” She finished second but she’s sure to have a more success in the future”

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