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Blues were denied an historic win at Anfield thanks to an outrageous dive by Reds star Ngog. Andy Munro is remarkably philosophical.

Liverpool couldn’t buy a win, Rafa was under pressure but Gerrard suddenly became available on the bench – yes, the scene was all set for Blues to lose. Luckily they tore up their usual script as we bagged a point - and it should have been three if Liverpool hadn’t taken part in one of the biggest thefts of all time on Merseyside..and that’s saying something given the area’s reputation.

Thanks to ESPN, the match wasn’t widely televised, so I had to listen to it on digital radio which did my nerves no good at all as even an innocuous midfield pass sounds like somebody scoring with a 35 yard screamer.

When Ngog scored to put the Reds into the lead,it seemed ominous but this Blues side is made of sterner stuff. To prove it Chucho finished off a game of head tennis with his first goal for the club.

Cameron’s sensational goal just before halftime put us in the lead and it is unlikely that he will ever score a better goal.

The Liverpool equaliser was on the back of a dubious penalty when Lee Carsley was adjudged harshly to have felled a flying Ngog.

When I watched a replay of the match, I saw a shot of a smiling Carson Yeung in a fur coat dressed up like a dogs’ dinner and knowing the exotic tastes of some members of the Chinese community maybe it was.

Eitherway I think Carson’s obvious joy was shared by Bluenoses everywhere and it was nice of Rafa to recognise that Blues were unlucky not to win!(I don’t think!!)

Rafa… and Alex Fergie have been at loggerheads for some time but at least you have one thing in common…a lack of class and humility.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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