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Scary Bones the Skeleton

Native Brummie Ron Dawson manages to knock out the odd book when he isn't contributing to the Stirrer Forum - including this childrens' tale, reviewed by Andy Goff.

There are some children’s books that you read and forget and then there are some that stick with you through into adulthood.

For me it’s Enid Blyton. Her prolific outpourings guaranteed that some of her books would stay in the minds of generations. My favourite was some story of pixies and elves but featured Bilderoo.

Bilderoo was a rather pushy goblin that insisted on being accommodated by two rather pathetic elves. I can remember my Dad reading this to me more than fifty years after the event.

Then there are the books you read to your children. I kicked off with a list including Homer’s ‘Illyad’, Longfellow’s ‘The Song of Hiawatha’ and moved on to Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, the excellent ‘The Gruffalo’ and pretty much all of the Mr Men books.

I’ve read them and thrilled at the skill of their construction. Pleased by the rhythms, the alliteration and the obvious pleasure they brought to the writer in their scribbling.

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of reading ‘Scary Bones the Skelton – The Lost Dog and Bone’ by Ron Dawson. Ron describes himself as living in Dorset but being an ex-pat Brummie.

Two children, Sasha and Ben, have moved to a new home and discover a stash of boxes they rummage through. The children find a box tied with string containing Scary Bones the Skeleton. He’s lost a bone and there follows a quest to restore him to a full complement.

There are twists and turns on the way with lots of tension and excitement.

Scary Bones hits all the right notes. It’s a great story which trembles on the scary, but isn’t – Scary Bones is too likeable – and contains all the classic needs of a child listener - a good story line, adventure, animals, scariness - on an acceptable scale, repetition – although not overmuch, searching and helping.

And then Ron tops it all with an end of story secret. Attached to the back cover page is an envelope containing a secret which tempts you through the story.

This book went down so well with my daughter that I bought a copy for two of my grandchildren. And they loved it.

The illustrator Sue Burleigh has done a grand job of producing graphic images to highlight the action and lifts the story off the page.

I recommend Scary Bones The Skeleton – The Lost Dog and Bone to all parents of young children that love a good read – with a secret to share at the end.

The Amazing adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton is Brummie author Ron Dawson's first children's book. Good for reading aloud to 5yrs upwards and able readers up to 12 years.

Signed copies with Free Scary Bone Pen and Mysterious Sealed envelope for only £4.99 via



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