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Scary Bones

Stirrer blogger and exiled Brumme Ron Dawson's latest book has passed the kiddie's bedtime reading test. Now Andy Goff (not to mention his 6-year old) can't wait for the next installment.

Squirrels have a reputation for being rats with good PR. Accurate as that may be in the case of those pesky grey squirrels, red squirrels are the threatened heroes of outposts in the British Isles. One of those is Brownsea Island in the Solent.

On his previous outing, Scary Bones the Skeleton, along with his friends, Sasha and Ben, and their faithful piece of Red String, solved the mystery of The Lost Dog and Bone.

The latest adventure has our champions being kidnapped by another skeleton, Captain Cross Bones. They end up on Brownsea Island where the red squirrels are able to take their revenge on the pirates who scattered their nuts, so to speak!

Author Ron Dawson has once again peppered his tale with onomatopoeia and alliteration, which allow the reader to evoke squeals of laughter from the avid listener. Ghostly noises and pirate accents can be such fun. Not to mention a good blow on the Ear Bone Horn! And Captain Cross Bones has a habit of words mixing his up, which is just what children sometimes do. The Red String saves the day with timely interventions.

The cartoon illustrations by Sue Burleigh add to the flavour of the story, ensuring mini-discussions within the telling of the adventure tale.

At the bargain price of less than a fiver, including P&P, this is a super stocking filler and a jolly sharing experience for both adults and children. Do buy it as it will encourage Ron to write the next story about our living breathing superman – Scary Bones the Skeleton. I can’t wait, and I know some small people, along with a piece of Red String, who feel the same.

You can buy a copy from Mulberry Tree Books here


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