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Steve Beauchampé recommends that you make time in your life for...

The Young Blood Brass Band - inventive take on the traditional New Orleans-style marching band, but infusing the genre with a cocktail of Hip Hop, Rap and free form jazz that is truly uplifting and irresistible.

Probably won't be much marching going on given that Birmingham's Barfly (Milk Street, Digbeth) isn't the largest of venues, and that it'll hopefully be packed out too.

Don't know the price, but £6 or £7 is the average at this venue and Wednesday August 23rd is the date.

Jeffery Lewis, New York poet, musician and cartoonist.

If there's ever been a place in your heart for Jonathan Richman then there should be space too for Lewis (The Jug of Ale, Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham Thursday August 24th).

Expect to pay about £5, expect to get double that in entertainment value.


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