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The campaign to save one of Birmingham's architectural treasures, Moseley Road swimming baths in Balsall Heath, has gone online. This won't please at least one Stirrer contributor who reckons those trying to preserve the building are "midde classs tossers."

Steve Beauchampe got the ball rolling with a detailed study of what makes the place so special (check the article here); while Laurence Inman weighed in with a distinctly contrarian view (see the article here).

You'll make up your own mind of course, but to help you decide, local councillor Martin Mullaney has made these clips available on Youtube showing the following aspects.

The exterior -

The First Class Men's Baths and Swimming Pool -

The Second Class Men's Baths and Swimming Pool -

Women's Baths -

The Filter Room and Water Well -

The Boiler House and Laundry Rooms -

The Committee Room and caretakers flat -

The Roof -

Now you've seen the evidence, are the baths worth saving? Leave a comment on the messageboard.


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