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Half of me

Rageh Omaar who reported on the fall of Baghdad for the BBC has warned there's no way Britain and the US can leave Iraq with their honour intact. And he said that George Bush and Tony Blair were Osama Bin Laden's idea of “perfect enemies” because they re-inforce everything he says about the West.

Rageh Omaar book signing

The Somali born reporter was speaking at Warwick University yesterday where he drew an audience of around 200 to hear a discussion chaired by Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg.

Omaar's most recent book “Half Of Me” deals with the realities of being a British Muslim post 9/11, and it's an excellent read. But most of those present wanted to quiz him on the future of the country which he saw “liberated” by Allied Forces.

As he pointed out, the end result has been the largest migration in the Middle East since the state of Israel was created in 1948, leading to a brain drain that will hamper Iraq for generations to come.

Rageh Omaar

After the talk, he gave an excluive no holds-barred interview to The Stirrer which you can view here. >>> click to view

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