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Birmingham Council’s new Cabinet Member for Leisure Martin Mullaney has revealed on The Stirrer Forum that he was considering lending £10,000 to help the Rainbow pub in Digbeth improve its soundproofing – but says he decided to walk away after suffering personal abuse.

Mullaney feels wounded that after brokering a meeting between the city’s Regeneration Chief Clive Dutton and Rainbow landlord Kent Davis about the ongoing noise issue in the area he’s still receiving insults.

He has no beef with Davis, but feels that he’s been on the receiving end of a campaign of vilification by John Tighe (aka Noddy) landlord of the Spotted Dog on Alcester Street, which – like The Rainbow – has clashed with a small minority of residents (possibly just one person) in the nearby Abacus Apartments.

Mullaney wrote:  “I was only thinking on Friday evening that I could even do a £10,000 loan out my own personal money to help the Rainbow build its garden roof - not Council money, my own personal money. Money which I used to help the Prince of Wales pub [in Moseley] out of sticky situation last year.

”Quite frankly, I don't need to get involved with the Rainbow situation and equally I don't need the continual rubbish I'm getting from John Tighe. Indeed, I don't see him offering the Rainbow any money to build the garden roof or any of the other people on here backing the Rainbow.

”So I have decided to walk away, take my own personal money and wish the lot of you the best of luck.”

Mullaney has argued that contrary to the impression given by the Digbeth campaigners, the Abacus Apartments were built before late night music became a regular feature of either the Spotted Dog or The Rainbow.

He also suggests the campaign for the two pubs amounts to “mob rule”, since it seeks to deny a law abiding individual the option of exercising their legal right to a decent kip.

“People have a right to sleep - this is why we don't have the refuse collectors operating before 6am or planes flying from Birmingham airport during the night”, he says.

But Mullaney also insists he is “sympathetic to the plight of pubs in the City” ,whilst adding that, “the Digbeth pubs have for the last two years lost a helpful friend due to John Tighe's antics.”

He accuses Tighe (who recently called him a “smug oaf” on the Stirrer Forum) of spreading misinformation about him during last year’s elections, and waging a one man war against him.

Tighe responds by saying, “Mullaney, the days of forelock-tugging before our 'betters' are long gone. I have no need to ingratiate myself with those for whom I have utter contempt.

“This is a meritocracy and the Council’s employees in Planning and Environmental Health have fallen far short of even being useless.”

The Spotted Dog landlord believes the City Council failed to ensure appropriate sound proofing of the Abacus Apartments, and says official statements about the Digbeth situation  have misled the public.



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