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Carson Yeung could be Blues new owner within six weeks, but meanwhile the action continues at St Andrews today with a game against Stoke. Andy Munro wonders whether Big Eck’s side can continue the momentum from Tuesday’s late win.

As I drove home following a priceless three points against Pompey, I heard a Pompey fan complaining to Radio WM that they ‘wuz robbed’. He also made the point that in his view our support was rubbish presumably because we haven’t got a monkey playing a drum.

In fairness our attendance was disappointing even given the credit crunch and holiday time and Blues fans need to stand up and be counted. However I do take issue on the performance which whilst uninspiring was still a notch above Pompey.

The clearer chances fell to Blues and they could have been almost out of sight before David James had one of his well known ‘dodgy keeper’ moments. He completely unnecessarily barged over Seb Larsson even though Seb was actually running AWAY from the goal.

It was so blatant that even MOTD’s Alan Hansen had to admit it was a stonewall penalty.

Looking and acting more like Lily the Pink in his rather gaily coloured keepers’ outfit, it was in stark contrast to a confident Joe Hart, even if Joe’s kicking was a bit Maik – like in its frequent diagonal excursions.

The defence were probably the stars with Vignal as hard as nails and with Stephen Carr on the other flank both providing much needed support and variety to our attack. Roger Johnson again showed what an excellent signing he looks to be whilst ably supported by Frankie Q who also showed some nice touches on the ball.

In midfield Ferguson kept the ball when we needed to take the sting out of Pompey whilst Fahey showed all his skills and energy. Wide on the one flank Seb put in some good crosses but should have scored with a free header. On the other flank McFadden, ice cool penalty apart, didn’t get much change from the opposition defence.

Up front Cameron was a handful but, as usual, never really looked like scoring whilst alongside him, it might as well have been Des rather than Gary O’Connor. Luckily when we started to flag Super Kev came on to at last give us a real goalthreat and Benitez gave a cameo performance Zarate style.

Bring on the Potters!



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