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Birmingham Central Library

In yet another exclusive that’s likely to be pinched by other news organisations without crediting us, Birmingham Central Library campaigner Alan Clawley claims a key deadline for the new building has already been missed.

The planning of the new Library of Birmingham has fallen behind the tight schedule that Councillor Whitby once insisted was necessary for building work to start in the first half of 2010.

Friends of the Central Library were told in May that a planning application was scheduled to take place in August, but last week Brian Gambles informed us that the architects plans were still under intensive development and would only be presented to the "appropriate representatives" working on the project in Mid-September.

Mr Gambles could not say when the plans would be made available to the public.

We believe it could be many months before the council's architects are ready to submit a planning application at which time, we are told, the plans will be released to the public.

We have told Mr Gambles that detailed floor plans and sections are essential to enable us to make a proper comparison between what he has now in the Central Library with what is proposed.

Without such plans we are all at a complete disadvantage in judging the benefits of the proposals for ourselves.

Alan Clawley is Secretary of the Friends of the Central Library.

Birmingham Council is invited to respond to this article. Just contact and we’ll print any reply in full.



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