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Luke and Sarah’s Nanjing Blog




Birmingham couple Luke and Sarah Pinney (and their two young daughters) have been sharing their new life in Nanjing with us over recent months. Unlike us, it seems the Chinese still have a proper winter, with snow and stuff. Lots of it...

Two weeks ago we were all excited about having an inch of snow.


There was none whatsoever last year, and this was been the biggest downfall since 2004 – so went out sledging on plastic bags, building snowmen and making the most of it.

Then last Friday night it started coming down again . By midday it had more or less stopped and we had a good few inches. It started again about 11 o’clock and carried on for the next 36 hours.


By Sunday night we were thinking ‘Ok, you can stop now’ but it carried on all night so that by Monday morning we had ‘Supersnow’ – all 40 cm (16 inches) of the lovely white fluffy stuff.


We were lucky in that a few weeks ago we bought everything you need for snow in preparation for a holiday next week. The girls could happily roll about it in without getting cold or wet. So could I for that matter.

So the girls have had two days off school and we’ve been having fun. It took us about 20 minutes to build a 6 foot snowman earlier today and Sarah sculptured it in the Henry Moore style.


But the weather has had more serious implications for thousands of others trying to get home for Chinese New Year. And with freezing temperatures and more snow forecast it’s not going to get much better.

We may yet find our flight and holiday cancelled as a result. We’ll keep you informed.

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