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Failure to secure three points in another "must win" game has a pessimistic Terry Wills checking out next season's opposition in the Championship.

Even more ‘agony’!

The Albion Supporters Club before the Portsmouth game was, as usual, packed to the rafters, ale being consumed in large quantities, the big screen showing the East Anglia Derby game between Norwich City and Ipswich, BUT in the main the majority of fans were nattering about the Baggies chances of finding something equivalent of a winning Lottery Ticket…. THREE points from yet another ‘must win game’.

Casually looking at the screen I couldn’t help comment, to anyone prepared to listen (!) “I reckon we’ll be playing both of these teams next season and it won’t be because they’ll have been promoted into the Premiership”

Leaving the club and chatting to Alan Cleverley the Supporters Club Secretary he said “Terry don’t be so pessimistic. We’ll be all right. We’ll win 3-0 today, trust me”

My reply “If we win 3-0 I’ll gladly buy you two pints in here before the Manchester City game”!

But as I patiently waited to enter the East Stand (the turnstile once again trying to deny entry to some Stile Card holders) I mused “ Eh perhaps Alan’s right. Perhaps I’m worrying unduly. He’s right. Lets get at em!

Finally gaining entry, and hearing the pre match chants from the always-vocal Smethwick End, I was slowly beginning to believe he WAS right and I’d be thankfully proved wrong”

"Come on you Baggies". WE need the three points. A win and we're off the bottom of the League" Heady heights indeed!

I should have known better shouldn’t I? Confirmed at the end of the game after seeing Albion gain only their second point from a possible twenty-seven, and, listening to comments and opinions from fans who seemingly held carbon copy views.

Those being “We’re going down - we aren’t good enough- I blame the Board-
We’re playing the wrong formation -Will we ever have luck on our side, and most pertinently “Although he isn’t yet up to playing in the Premiership, now Miller’s out who’s going to score the goals”?

So where DO we go from here? And what new CAN be said following a game that saw the Baggies take a deserved lead from a Jonathan Greening goal, fail to take advantage of other chances that came their way, and after a revitalised Pompey side equalised via a Peter Crouch goal, could well have lost the game.

The news that ‘Tiny’ Miller has now been ruled out for the rest of the season could, without a replacement being signed in January, be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

Yes he again missed chances, yes he naturally needed time to adapt to the demands of premiership football, but for all that for the second successive game an improvement could be clearly seen.

Plus points? The improved performances from the likes of Robert Koren, James Morrison, and Chris Brunt.

Continuing defensive stability from Jonas Olsson and Abdoulaye Meite that bodes well for the ‘battles’ that lie ahead and confirmation that whatever the circumstances, results, and pleas from the minority that want to see him becoming another managerial casualty, Tony Mowbray WILL NOT change his philosophy on how the game should be played.

(Indeed on that score a fervent devoted Baggies fan said “If Albion sack Tony Mowbray I WILL send my season ticket back in protest”)

This week it’s another long journey to the Stadium of Light, where we’ve achieved some favourable results down the years, to tackle a Manager less Sunderland.

A team, that in many respects, mirrors Albion’ progress, or lack of it. A typical 'Yo- Yo' club who despite enjoying far larger attendances, meaning a more substantial income, continue to ‘flounder’ when facing the bigger challenge.

Promotion from the Championship one season - relegation from the top tier the next; back to the Premiership as Champions for a season but now again finding themselves as one of the favourites, along with Albion, to be playing ‘Fizzy Pop’ League football next season.

So what CAN we expect? Every pundit and fan claim it IS another must win game, seeing as there are ‘virtually’ six points at stake, and a win for either side WOULD be a massive bonus.

While that can’t be denied, it’s probably more prudent to say ‘it’s a match that must not be lost game’.

The bottom half of the table spells it out. Baggies are bottom with the worst record but a win, and other results going our way, could yet again, boost the Baggies flagging spirits.

How I’d love to be pounding away at the keyboard next week joyously reporting on our fourth win of the season.

It might, I said might (!) even be worth considering whether I should treat Alan to one pint, even though he filled me with false hope before the Pompey game by claiming we’d run out 3-0 winners!

Oh yes I almost forgot! After the game while standing on the corner (not ‘watching all the girls go by’, who remembers the song?)  a very well known Talksport Radio Presenter, AND ‘Stirrer’ Guru, who goes under the name of Adrian Goldberg, smiled and diplomatically said “Keep the faith Terry, Keep the faith”

Thanks Adrian. I’ll endeavour to follow my master’s wishes (!)) BUT even so I do hope you eventually win the ongoing debate with the ‘Moose’ (Talksport listeners will be familiar with Adrian’s ongoing banter with the West Ham devotee) who keeps stressing ‘West Brom will go down, while you argue to the contrary without being able to give a reason why we won’t!

Oh and remind him his beloved Hammers have already lost to the Albion and are a ‘mere’ six points ahead (don’t mention the goal difference!) of the Baggies.

A position that could change should we manage a couple of 3-0 victories, starting at Sunderland on Saturday and followed up with a comprehensive thrashing of Manchester City at the Hawthorns?

Now if THAT isn’t keeping the faith then please tell me what is!

"Come on you Baggies"



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