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toilet seat

We're so used to being told that the British are rubbish at customer service, we've all come to believe. But Stirrer webmaster Andy Goff has a different story to tell.

Last night I was accused by a close relative of being too cynical! Cynical? Moi?

So to prove I can be otherwise I write of an impressive response to an email regarding a toilet seat.

A couple of years ago we decided to tart up the bathroom and this involved ‘upgrading’ our toilet seat. You may think a toilet seat is a toilet seat is a toilet seat but you’d be wrong.

We started off with a purchase from Sainsburys – around £20, I think. Within days it suffered from a catastrophic failure. I sat on the lid and it cracked! I took it back and received a no quibble refund.

Then off to Homebase and a decision was made not skimp when considering both style and structure. I bought an Italian made Bemis ( designer jobbie for £50. Slim line and sleek, soft to the buttock and a joy to both behold and use. Fitting was simple and sterling service has been enjoyed - until last week.

The seat became unhinged.

That’s life I thought and pootled off to Homebase for a replacement. I found the same model and discovered a website and an email address for Bemis. “Aha” I blurted in my best Alan Partridge impersonation. My daughter thought I had now become unhinged as we departed Homebase without a purchase.

I emailed Bemis along with photos of the offending item and within minutes I had heard back from their sales administrator telling me he had arranged a replacement to be sent that day.

"Yeah! Chinny reckon" I thought in my overly cynical way.

But a brand spanking new seat arrived this morning.

So, Mr Ryan Moyler, UK & Export Sales Administrator at Bemis Ltd of Burnley - top marks and thank you for a great service.



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