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Just one goal in six games has left Albion outside the top two in the Championship – and fans like Terry Wills scratching their heads as to what’s gone wrong since the 5-0 demolition of Middlesbrough.

Back home from Coventry I switched on the telly news to see a somewhat unusual report.

There they were. Crowds of highly delighted bird watchers camped on and around fields in South Shields hoping to catch a glimpse of an extremely rare bird that hadn’t been seen in the UK many a year, The Eastern Crowned Warbler.

The outside broadcast reporter asked one of the intrepid patient crowd “Why are you here. What’s the attraction”?

His answer: “Occasions like this will happen maybe half a dozen times a year, so it is very rare for so many people to gather in one place.

“In the Bird watching world this is the equivalent of winning the World Cup”!”

Immediately leading me to digest and analyse similar feelings, after watching Albion’s feeble attempts to pick up a much needed confidence boosting win at the Ricoh Stadium when along with every other disappointed Baggies fan I was asking a somewhat similar question.

“When will so many people gather in one place hoping to see the Baggies score another goal? Hells bells, there had been barely a hint of a genuine goal threat as we’d also been patiently waiting and watching hopefully to catch a glimpse of ‘strikers’ who appeared to have fallen in line with Royal Mail workers who by withdrawing their labour.

Six games-one goal. Form that makes the Baggies chances of making a speedy return to the Premiership as likely as Luke Moore being added to Fabio Cappelo’s England’s World Cup squad.

So just WHAT is the reason for a team that smashed Middlesbrough 5-0 away a few weeks ago, now resembling sides scrambling desperately to claw themselves away from the dreaded drop zone?

In a word (no it requires more than a single word) the strikers available to Di Matteo seem shorn of confidence, not knowing whether to shoot or pass when potential scoring opportunities are an option. And the midfield appear to have lost their way, whether you examine the number of genuine chances created for themselves or whoever has been chosen to fill the goal-scoring roles.

The net result? A golden opportunity to pick up three points and get back on a winning track had been bypassed, and 4,000 plus Baggies fans bitterly disappointed.

Down the years Albion have enjoyed some fantastic high scoring victories at the splendidly appointed Ricoh Stadium, destroying Sky Blues sides courtesy of a brand of enterprising entertaining football.

But even though we literally tore them to shreds, looking at the current City side, I’d offer the opinion that they were far better than Chris Coleman’s current team who should have been dispatched with ease.

This week Watford are the Hawthorns and unless some way or other the team collectively rediscover their goal-scoring form, it could see the Baggies being stung again by a Hornet’s side that are never easy to beat at the best of times and should they manage to leave with three points would find themselves just one point behind Albion in the table.

THAT must not happen. Scanning the Championship Table recent results have succeeded in bracketing around ten or so teams feeling they too are in with a chance of eventually reaching the ‘Greed League’.

Whether they eventually do or don’t doesn’t bother me one iota, but what IS worrying is the thought that without a massive improvement on recent displays our chances of yet again reaching the land of ‘Milk and Honey’ or should I rephrase that ‘Milk and Money’ (?) will underline the feeling that we’re in for a very long hard season.

Let’s get back to winning ways lads…PLEASE.

“Come on you Baggies”



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