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Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg interviewed “the woman too thick to look after her own child” for Talksport last night – and can see no reason why she shouldn’t be re-united with her daughter.

Let’s be honest about this the Nottingham mum Rachel, who is being forced to give up her child for adoption, isn’t the sharpest tool in the box.  When I reminded her not to mention her daughter’s name on air, for example, she kept blurting it out anyway.

Just as well it was a pre-recorded chat and we were able to edit out the offending references.

No doubt Rachel would struggle to answer a question on University Challenge, but let’s face it, if getting an Oxbridge degree was a pre-requisite for breeding the human race would have died out yonks ago.

In my conversation with her she reacted like many working class people when faced with the might of officialdom – bamboozled by the jargon, baffled by the decision making which had gone on around her, yet defiant about her fate.

The facts of her case, such as we know them, are these:

Rachel’s little girl was born with a potentially life threatening condition, and although she has recovered, now needs special care.

According to social workers Nottingham City Council, Rachel’s IQ was judged too low for her to be able to cope with the demand.

When the Official Solicitor was appointed to look after Rachel’s case, he refused her request to oppose an adoption order.

A psychiatrist has now said that Rachel’s intelligence in within the normal range – but too late to reverse a decision by the Family Court to enforce adoption.

Her final hope is an appeal to the European Court.

Rachel, who can only see her child once a month will eventually lose all rights of access.

Nottingham Council rejected our offer of an interview, but have never suggested that Rachel has physically or mentally abused her child.

Family law campaigner and Birmingham MP John Hemming who has taken up Rachel’s case said on The Stirrer Forum:  “The thing I am particularlty concerned about in both this case and another which has similarities is that on the evidence of an expert who is financially beholden to the local authority the mother is excluded from the legal proceedings and the official solicitor comes in and concedes the case against the mother.

“In the other case the mother failed an IQ test that she did through an interpreter because she couldn't speak English. The Psychologist who did this received 66K over 4 years from Birmingham City Council.”

Rachel’s own verdict:  “They want my little girl to go to a family with a car and a house, but they can’t give her what I can give her – a mother’s love.”



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