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Anthony Blair

It's Princess Diana's tenth anniversary service today. What chance Tony Blair being remembered with such affection. Er, not much, reckons Mick Temple. It seems we've forgotten him already.

In only a few short months, it is as if he'd never been here. Unlike the days following the demise of the People's Princess, the demise of the People's Prime Minister has passed without any wailing or gnashing of teeth. But even more surprising, his people seem to have forgotten he was ever here.

It's bad news for me - my recent biography of Tony Blair (Blair, Haus Publishing, 2006, available from all good book shops and some bad ones - the old gags are the best!) was selling quite nicely thank you, until everyone forgot who he was.

I saw some old dear pick it up in Waterstone's with a look of puzzlement on her face, before replacing it, picking up Roy Hattersley's life of Campbell-Bannerman, and shuffling off to the till with a contented smile on her crinkled countenance.

Where is Blair? Talking today to Patrick Burns, the BBC's West Midlands political editor, Patrick referred to him as The Invisible Man. But it's more like The Man Who Never Was.

Throw a rock into a pool and within seconds the ripples disappear and it as if the water had never been disturbed. Hasn't Gordon Brown always been our leader? He already seems to have been in situ at Number Ten forever.

Where's the legacy? Well, there's Iraq of course, and financial and sexual scandals which have ensured our disenchantment with politicians has become even deeper than in the Major/Currie years.

He's supposed to be sorting out the Middle East. I won't hold my breath. He has now disappeared into the black hole reserved for those whose fifteen minutes of fame are up. Watch out for a comeback on 2016's I'm Up the Jungle With A Celebrity Big Brother Get Me Out Of Here.

So, we remember Diana, to the ridiculous extent that (and has this ever happened to anyone before?) after ten years we hold a memorial service for a mentally unstable, publicity-seeking, manipulative clothes-horse. Oh well, there's hope for Blair yet ... although to my knowledge, Elton John has yet to write a song for him.

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Certainly for Blair and Iraq, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

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