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Mick Temple launches a vigorous defence of Nigel Hastilow's right to openly discuss immigration - even if some people find it uncomfortable.

Shock! Horror! Hold the Front Page! A British politician has said that Enoch Powell has been proved right when he prophesised that uncontrolled immigration would lead to social problems and fundamental changes in British society.

As Nigel Hastilow says in his interview with the Stirrer, who could argue otherwise?

Quite clearly, immigration has created problems for our society - and in my opinion it has also created a much more dynamic and culturally aware Britain.

But that's not the point.

Yet again the views of millions of people can't be represented in the public sphere because those views are seen as unacceptable by our controlling elites.

Nigel's crime? For David Cameron, invoking the name of the West Midland's most famous racist has tainted the party. Cameron had no choice - the mainstream media would have murdered him if he hadn't sent Hastilow packing, as Heath did to Powell nearly 40 years ago.

The joke - 'there is no place in the Conservative party for racist views' - is that both our main parties harbour millions of racists among their supporters.

'British jobs for British people' chuntered Gordon Brown just a few days ago. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing in practical terms because he can't deliver such a promise. What it was intended to do was send a message to all those closet racists (and non-racists genuinely concerned about immigration) that New Labour can be trusted not to 'open the floodgates'.

We're just as racist as you, is the underlying sentiment of Brown's mealy-mouthed slogan.

Hypocrites - all of them - politicians and the media. They're all afraid to debate this openly, because of a fear that what comes out of the mouths of the British people will not reflect their cosy view of a tolerant society.

I don't think Hastilow is a racist - but what he did do was articulate the views of millions of people who are effectively excluded from expressing their concerns about the immigration policies of successive governments.

Why? Because the liberal gatekeepers - by which I mean the BBC, the Observer and others who pounced on his indiscretion - regard anything outside of their anti-sexist, anti-racist, multicultural agenda as beyond the pale.

For me, anything - however vile and hostile to my own opinions - must be capable of being debated in the public sphere. And hopefully, Nigel Hastilow's comments will start a real and reasoned debate about the issues of immigration and racism in Britain - a debate that he should be allowed to take part in.

Is Mick right to defend Nigel Hastilow's right to free speech?

And is there anything that can't be discussed openly in a free society?

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