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In the latest in a series of mishaps, Tory wannabe Ali Miraj has been demoted from the party's "A" list of parliamentary candidates after questioning David Cameron's leadership. Can it get any better for Gordon Brown? Probably not warns Mick Temple.

laid out on the canvas. Gordon Brown, arm held aloft as champion. Hold on a minute warns Mick Temple…this is only the early sparring.

What a wonderful week it's been for our new prime minister. The ‘Brown bounce' has been enough to put a smile on the face of a … well, on the face of a dour Scot.

Although Dubya told us from Camp David on Monday that Gordon was neither a dour Scot nor an awkward Scot.

The leader of the free world told us that Gordon was, in fact, a ‘humorous Scot'. A little over the top that as, even on a good day, Gordon can make even the late, great Chic Murray look like Ronald McDonald.

Brown has established a little bit of independence from American policy in Iraq.

He's managed to look statesmanlike in the States and concerned in Gloucester. The by-election debacles of the Tories have contributed to David Cameron's dreadful poll ratings and (what a surprise) rumblings of discontent within the party faithful.

A brilliant Scarfe cartoon in The Sunday Times this week showed a beaming Brown bouncing joyously off a prone Cameron.

Memo to the Conservative party: five leaders in ten years is probably not conducive to electoral success and to ditch yet another leader just because the British people don't want Blair Mk.2 would mean electoral suicide at the next General Election.

Mind you, it appears that keeping him will also mean electoral suicide at the next General Election.

Come on you Blues, pick Boris, please. He may be mad, but a gaffe a day would at least lighten up the campaign.

Anyway, back to Gordon. The polls look good for him now but closer examination reveals some worrying trends. Many of his supporters, notably working class men, are among those least likely to turn out and vote, while women still favour Cameron over Brown.

But no serious commentator believes Brown will be defeated. Whether he has wide voter appeal or not, his reputation for competence will deliver a Labour victory.

Our media, especially the press, are notoriously fickle and this will probably be as good as it gets for Brown.

Blimey, even the admissions of drug-taking by the Home Secretary and half-a-dozen colleagues barely made the Mail break sweat. After all, they were ‘telling the truth' - yes, of course they were.

Why didn't one of them have the guts to say that they'd smoked cannabis, it got them high and they enjoyed it?

Gordon Brown's honeymoon period will last until the first major cock-up (either in sexual or political terms). Brown's attempts to present a cheerful face to the electorate fail to convince and it's difficult to see the smile surviving for long when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

So, I have only one simple message for him - enjoy it while it lasts, because it won't last long.

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