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MPs’ Expenses: Now the rules get tough for hacks. Richard Lutz shows all.

With tougher and tougher expense regulations in force now, it is my pleasure to reveal all to Stirrer readers in a gesture of unmitigated transparency.

My editor has asked - no, demanded of - me to reveal just what I claim..

It is something I have always wanted to do. And now that I am about to be arrested for monumental fraud (which I object to), I have the freedom to publish these accounts. At last, I am at liberty to tell all. What a weight off my shoulders.

But before I do just let me make one thing clear. My council taxes are not included in the accounts. Despite receiving annual demands from the local authority with full explanations which no one reads, and despite that I pay by direct debit, I admit, through minor administrative errors, that I have claimed a bit too much in this category. For that reason, I am sending a cheque to HMRI forthwith for £16,781 for 12 years back payments. Sorry, just a human mistake

My accounts for 2008-9 for work with The Stirrer.

For travel to office by bus, train, tram, private Hummer And Limo equipped with redacted, redacted, and redacted £400
Tip for limo driver £1
Pencil £0.32
Hire of kayak and exotic rubber redacted for summer leisure articles in Majorca £590
Purchase of high graderedacted and redacted from Richard Lutz Imports £2,287
Pencil £0.32
General running costs: office £8,239
Entertain redacted and redacted and redacted and guests At Hall Green Dog track £350
Betting stakes for dog races numbers 1 through 9
For redacted and redacted and redacted £150
General running costs:
Secondary summer cottage in
redacted, Cornwall
Redaction lessons £1,250
Purchase of new flat at redacted, in Edgbaston
For property expose
Salary to Ms Sasha redacted for maintaining above flat £20,000
Salary to Mr Russell the Muscle redacted for helping Ms Sasha redacted In maintaining flat at redacted £23,000
Hire of Security firm redacted for forcibly vacating Mr Russell the Muscle redacted from said flat at redacted £12,300
Inkjet usage for this article .01p
Hire of family members for Research staff £1,000
Cost of redacted, and a redacted, seven redacted and z a Persian carpet recommended by Lynne redacted MP £1,300
Travel to Bermuda for filing copy On What I Would Like to Do This Winter feature article £800
Cost of paying for redacted to act as my Copytaker to above location plus Incidentals such as redacted bikini wax and redacted redacted, redacted and sun lotion £5,234
Cost of sending this email to The Stirrer .05p

I wish it to be matter of record that I will not charge The Stirrer for depreciation to my computer keyboard or my shoes as an act of good faith and my commitment to the world of journalism. But I wish not to be named for any financial relationship I have with redacted, Richard Lutz Imports or redacted


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