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Albion take on Gary Megson's Bolton this weekend - but while a warm reception is guaranteed for the "Ginger Mourinho", can the Baggies send him packing up the M6 with "nul points". Terry Wills isn't counting on it.

WOW….! What’s this? West Ham United away. A solid defensive display from a remodelled back four, a clean sheet, Scott Carson not having a shot to save, PLUS the Baggies creating the few ‘reasonable’ scoring opportunities on offer to either side.

Certainly a useful point, which should have been three, and a result that at least gives Baggies fans hope that the second ‘Great Escape’ plan on the drawing board at Great Barr and under discussion, is already being assimilated into the thought processes of Tony Mowbray’s troops.

For this game along with most supporters I sat at home, still wearing scarf (!) joined in the chants of ‘Come on you Baggies’ (very poor response from the ‘Hammers’ fans) and cursed and moaned in turn as Albion failed to beat the poorest team we’ve played all season.

But in saying that the game itself was a VERY poor advert for the Premiership with every pundit and analyst stressing that at the best it had been an untidy disappointing match and at the worst an abomination.

Now while having to agree with the overall opinions for once there were a few encouraging plus points.

Certainly the new ‘surprising’ defensive partnership of Jonas Olsson and Shelton Martis. (The latter only being given his chance due to injuries to Meite and Leon Barnett)

They appeared comfortable facing set pieces, tackled well and didn’t regularly
lose possession, a habit that’s become all to frequent up to now whoever’s been chosen.

Graham Dorrans justified his selection and hopefully he’s managed to force his way into Mogga’s thoughts that he’s worth an extended run for the last nine remaining games that’ll determine which Division the Baggies will be competing in next season.

Minus points? The usual lack of a genuine cutting edge up front and tantalising crosses from Chris Brunt ‘finding’ no one willing to bust a gut to get into the box to pressurise the West Ham defenders

Made worse when Jonathan Greening and James Morrison missed chances that left me initially leaping to feet in anticipation but having to slump back in disappointment and frustration.


So was this the first step on a ladder leading to safety or simply a false dawn before a firing squad arrives to administer the ‘coup de grad’?

Certainly the players, judging by their reaction to dropping two points, feel confident they CAN succeed but if so, at a minimum they surely need to win at least three, possibly four, of the remaining five home games and from somewhere or other pick up points on travels to Portsmouth, Manchester City, Tottenham, and in the last game against Blackburn. A team also desperately striving to retain Premiership status.

Personally I still feel they’ve left it to late but SHOULD they achieve another ‘miracle’, for me it would surpass the ‘unbelievable’ last day celebrations witnessed against Pompey.

Those ‘Stirrer’ readers who regularly (or more probably occasionally!) wake up to hear the comments of Adrian’s fellow ‘Talksport’ colleague ‘The Moose’ a self confessed West Ham supporter may be interested in his comments on Monday’s game seeing as he’s been bemoaning the Baggies lack of quality all season?

“West Brom played well. They played very well and I wouldn’t write them off just yet if they can pick up a couple of wins”

Perhaps not the exact wording, but near enough considering I was slowly coming to terms with a shaft of sunlight forcing’ it’s way through the bedroom window curtains at the time!

Did he really mean it? Beware of he who speaks with a forked tongue being as it was Adrian’s rotund friend who later told Alan Townsend and Mike (Porky’) Parry “Last night I saw an abomination of a match at West Ham?

Yes ‘Moose’ it WAS a poor game but if it really was an abomination that was more to do with the APPALLING display from your beloved Hammers.

Ok they were missing injured players but that was no excuse for a performance that for a home side could only be described as dismal.

So to Saturday and ironically a first return to the Hawthorns for Gary Megson who despite the acrimony left behind after leaving Albion will forever be fondly remembered for guiding the Baggies into the Premiership Promised Land.

(A land of ‘Milk and Honey’ or a ‘Poisoned Chalice’? depends on an individual point of view of course)

Without question the Bolton game is one that must be won but we can rest assured that our ex ‘Hero’ will be determined to grab a result that would go a long way towards ensuring the Trotters’ own safety while at the same time leaving him smiling inwardly at the thought that his never ending ‘spat’ with Jeremy Peace had left him the victor.

Next week will it be a case for further optimism or a realisation that our stay in the ‘Greed League’ is fast disappearing over the horizon?

Watch this space so until then as always lets hear it loud and clear..

Come on you Baggies”


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