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Dick Rodgers

Morrissey was merely the boy with the thorn in his side. Dick Rodgers explains why he’s the bloke with a globe on his bonce…

I have been parading round Birmingham City Centre with the a globe of the world on my head and giving out leaflets about my political ideas, on and off for the last few weeks now. What's it about?

I’m having a push to draw attention to the party I formed five years ago: the Common Good. I want to see it take off and become electable. I have pootled along in elections getting voting figures in the few hundreds (although a whopping 8650 people voted for me in the 2004 Euro Elections – I still came last!)

Why don’t I get the message that nobody wants to know and just pack up and go back to a proper job as a surgeon?

Because actually people do want to know. And, actually, they need to. People ask, “What it’s about?” I tell them, “Making the world a better place and being a happier nation as a result!”

People I meet on their doorsteps during elections love my patter. “I want Britain to be a really good country working hard to be a good influence in the world and we’ll a happier nation as a result.” They perk up. I can see them get excited and dreamy!

So that’s it, really! Except that making the world a better place is a pretty difficult job. Certainly it does need doing and is a lot less nutty than it sounds.

Just as a measure of the job to do, let me say that there are a billion starving people in the world and there shouldn’t be. We pledged to achieve by 2015 a halving of the number of people living on less than a dollar a day and a reduction by two thirds, of the number of children dying before their fifth birthday and a reduction by three quarters of the number of women dying in childbirth.

If all we want is better stuff for ourselves then the above will be of no interest. People say, “Charity begins at home.” “Me first!”

Only some people do, though. Others are more far sighted and see that this world matters and that the only way for us – a trading nation – is to actually take an interest in the world we live in. If we want to be rapacious trading partners then forget it; we are finished and we won’t find customers. They will go somewhere else and our civilisation will go down the tubes. Other, pushier people will run the globe.

However, most of us, fortunately, are bright enough to see that there is a job for us to do in the world…. Actually a very big job. Actually a huge and challenging one, and the sooner we get stuck into it the better it will be for the world and for us. We need a big challenge as a nation. We thrive on challenges and we are in the doldrums for lack of a challenge at present. Well! It’s not exactly that there isn’t a challenge, so much as the fact that we are not engaging with it.

Making the world a better place is indeed a big job. It includes politics and policing and healthier trade arrangements and a bit of aid. Sometimes, as in Afghanistan at the moment, it will involve costly military action and the lives of fine people.

As we adults get stuck in, however, the young people of our land will notice. They will see the adults they know personally and the adults on TV doing wonderful things that are aimed at making the world a better place. They will love it and respect it. They will say to themselves,” These grown ups are getting their act together at last. They really are doing things which make the world better for ordinary people..”

They’ll say,” I want to be part of that when I grew up.” They’ll do their maths homework well because they’re keen to be useful partners in this great shared effort. Soon we’ll have a keen, skilled workforce designing and producing excellent products that really make the world a better place for all and that export customers will be happy to pay good prices for and still reckon they are getting a bargain.

As you can tell, I am immensely excited about it all. It is an active answer to the malaise that has settled upon our nation. It’s the answer to drugs and crime and educational underachievement. It’s the answer to the National Debt. Eventually such young people as they grow up confident and loved, will be more attractive to potential marriage partners. They will fall in love and get married and stay together and have happy, secure kids and our nation will breathe a collective sigh of relief and happiness.

How about it? I love it! So much so that I want not just to dream about it but to see it actually happen. I want to be around when it does. But even if it happens chiefly after I have gone, I want to feel I was there when it started. And I want to share that pleasure with lots of other people.

So if you agree, please get in touch with me and chat about how we can work together. Would you stand for parliament for the Common Good party in the General Election or as a councillor in local government?

Or would you help someone else to do so? Or would you have abilities to contribute to getting it going better as an efficient organisation. Or are you passionate about one or more of the issues detailed on our website at I’m waiting for your call or your email.


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