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Ok, so he’s a Blues fan. But that hasn’t stopped Andy Munro feeling outraged at Gareth Barry’s defection from Villa to Manchester City.

Midlands’ football fans fall into two categories – those who want all Midlands clubs to do well and those who want everybody relegated apart from their own team.

I’m afraid to say that, as a battle weary Bluenose, I fall into the latter category particularly in relation to the Wolves and the Villa who keep banging on about their history (most of it of the ancient variety).

In fairness to myself, I can just about abide the Baggies who have kept a loyal fan base through testing times.

However for the first time in a long time, I can (almost) sympathise with Villa fans who are angry with Gareth Barry jumping ship for Man City. So much for his ‘ambition’ because in reality it’s about money.

Nobody can be surprised about the greed inherent in human nature (see MPs) but a bit like the Blues’ Savo Saga what fans hate most is bullshit.

This sort of disloyalty is, of course reflected even in the public sector. In my job in regeneration I’ve lost count of the Chief Execs(you know who you are) of various initiatives who have conveniently left to ‘further their career’ before projects start to go wrong and the **** hits the fan. Football, of course, is no different with footballers only concerned with No.1.

So when I also read that Blues are on the verge of signing a player who is supposed to better than Messi (mind you that’s according to his agent) and I wonder…why the Blues?

It’s no doubt because the player sees the Blues just as a convenient and temporary stepping stone to one of the Premiership’s top four.

Never mind, I’ll take it for just a season if it keeps us up! I was also really heartened to see the player was under 30 and not Scottish until I noticed that his agent was a Jock….I might have known as the Scottish mafia strike again.


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