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As Albion slip into the bottom three of the Premiership. Terry Will reflects on the evaporation of all that early season confidence.

Now how does that Monty Python song go “Always look on the bright side of life”

An ideal philosophy - as I’ve always said, “There are far more important things in life than losing a game of football”. Although when the final whistle ends in a game that should have been won, it DOES feel the most tragic possible happening has just taken place in front of your eyes!

So it was after the nonsensical 2-2 draw against a 10 men Blackburn Rovers side who ‘stole’ a point simply because the Baggies missed a host of chances up front and conceded a late equaliser due to the so frustrating ‘died in the blood’ habit of attempting to play pretty, pretty, keep football, at the back, when a good old fashioned lump it up the field clearance HAS to be the best option.

But more of that painful reminder later!

This week sees the start of a succession of games that EVEN after just ten completed sees Baggies fans dolefully wondering when they’ll see Tony Mowbray’s side actually win another Premiership game.

First we’re off to Anfield to face a Liverpool team who must be fuming at their unjust defeat at Tottenham. They’ll want to get back on track and if they could have hand picked opponents to give them a virtual guaranteed three points it WOULD surely have been West Bromwich Albion.

The reason for such confidence? The Baggies almost unbelievable TRULY appalling record against Steven Gerrard’s Reds. In the only four previous Premiership games, from memory they’ve scored fourteen goals compared with Albion’s ‘grand’ total of…. NONE.

Of course shock results can and do happen but bearing in mind Albion’s current problems can any Baggies fan realistically see anything other than yet another defeat?

If this daunting task, beamed to a world wide audience, wasn’t enough to worry about, next comes the team that are playing tremendous attacking football, Chelsea at the Hawthorns. Oh dear.

It has to get easier surely? Well as every Baggies fan is well aware (!) our record against Stoke (or should it be Rory Delap) City is again little short of embarrassing.

A dodgy defence that’s conceded eleven goals in our last four games resemble lambs being led to the slaughter. What chance of a Stoke side including ten players, six foot or over, being neutralised by dogged steel tempered defending that of late has been sadly marked by it’s absence?
But that’s for the future. It’s sadly time to briefly, and painfully, rekindle thoughts on the draw against Blackburn that was so disappointing fans left the Hawthorns feeling as if it had been another home defeat.

Plus points. A tremendous first home Premiership goal from Ishmael Miller that must be in the running for considerations among those eventually chosen by ‘the Match of The Day’ viewers for November.

His first touch and close control skills are still to be honed but his main asset, power and speed, are such that even the best of defenders will find him difficult to handle.

Roman Bednar never stopped running and grafting and well deserved his fourth goal of the season. Borja Valero, a player who some fans feel wasn’t worth the transfer fee paid for him, for me displayed a tremendous range of passing skills.

In a team that possessed genuine strikers the quality of his distribution would be invaluable. Most of the rest were adequate but no more than that.

The most infuriating aspect was yet again playing to much football in wrong areas of the field. In and around your own penalty they should NOT attempt to pass the ball among themselves as they do in a pre match build up.

"If in doubt put it out" an old maxim that may well be against Tony Mowbray footballing philosophy but certainly reduces the risk of losing possession and more importantly conceding late goals.

Definitely a game to forget and next week barring a massive shock result it’ll mean looking back on another reverse that plunges the Baggies down among the ‘dead’ men and one of the favourites for a swift return to the delights of watching what is termed ‘Championship’ Football.

But then perhaps I’m being pessimistic far too early? So in an attempt to prove this IS the case will any ‘Stirrer’ readers who feel this is the case, please put forward a counter argument to convince me, and other Baggies supporters, that Albion do have sufficient quality in the squad to quell the rapidly declining early optimistic thoughts that they’d comfortably hold their own in the Premiership?

As Delia Smith once famously remarked “Come on let’s be having ya”!

"Come on you Baggies" and rest assured despite the current problems, at Anfield "You'll Never Walk Alone"!!!



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