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Albion's second win on the bounce sees them rise four points clear of the chasing pack, as they consolidate a place in the top two of the Championship. Terry Wills enjoys a day out at the Walkers Stadium.

Now that WAS much, much, better!

From a game that many fans felt would be very difficult to gain just a single point from, to return home on the back of a 2-1 win at Leicester (which in truth could and should have been far more comprehensive) WAS a major boost.

In all aspects Albion WERE streets ahead despite the ‘Radio Five Live’ match reporter telling the nation “There wasn’t much to choose between the two sides!”

A view incidentally contradicted by Leicester fans, courtesy of their local radio phone in, who admitted the Baggies were “by the far the best team they’d played this season”

And as Nigel Pearson subsequently agreed I somehow think the ‘Five Live’ match day reporter was watching an entirely different match from the rest of us!

So what was the difference between this excellent away win and the far from impressive recent performances?
In a nutshell everything, apart from one aspect, the ability to take advantage, when well on top, to wrap up the points long before the ‘Foxes’ somehow found themselves in a with a remote chance of stealing a point in the staggering five minutes added on by the referee.

After a tentative opening when City enjoyed the majority of the play it was the Baggies who began to create openings courtesy of some excellent passing, disciplined, football.

There were no apparent weaknesses in the side. Of course it wasn’t perfect but then unless a team is composed of genuine world-class players, there never will be.

What stood out, and much needed, was the far more composed all round, solid display from a defence that of late had been
demonstrating a seemingly inability to mark and close down the opposition whenever danger threatened.

And in this respect Joe Mattock had the distinct pleasure of giving his best performance of the season - much to the disgust of City fans who made it abundantly clear that when it comes to handing out stick to one of their former players they could compete with the best!

Well done Joe, you even managed to convince some of your harshest critics that you do have the ability to compete in a side that hopefully will be playing in the Premiership next season (?)

However even he must agree (?) that THE outstanding performer was Gonzalo Jara.

The Chilean was pure class. Great positional sense, immaculate passing, winning tackles - he had the lot, and oh yes how about his first ever goal for the Baggies? A thunderous long-range effort that left fans whooping in delight while he was swamped by his team-mates congratulations.

His goal following on from a Graham Dorrans free-kick that seemingly crept slowly into the net effectively sealed the game, despite Leicester’s second half valiant attempts to steal a result.

Yes they did fluff a sitter straight after half-time but as Luke Moore hit the bar when it looked impossible to miss and several other chances were carelessly tossed away, then that miss was well and truly negated.

Of course this can’t entirely ‘hide’ the fact that we do need more strike power. Luke Moore and Simon Cox still can’t find the net from the number of chances created but as long as the midfielders continue to do the job all we can do is to patiently wait for injured players to return.

So a very satisfying afternoon. Three points -Albion still in a automatic promotion spot, four points clear from the chasing pack of teams that also harbour dreams of playing in the ‘Greed League’ next season. Long may it continue.

No game this week due to the international break. So for those Albion players representing their respective countries a simple heart felt plea “avoid injuries whatever you do”.

And for those poor souls left behind and forced to undergo a slight change from the usual ‘run of the mill’ training schedule, enjoy the sunshine of Spain’s’ La Manga!

“Come on you Baggies


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