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The demise of the Birmingham Post as a daily publication leaves Andy Munro musing on the future of local media in the West Midlands.

As the sun went down on the last(daily) Birmingham Post, it set me thinking about a supposed second city which has no TV Station of its own (Manchester has its Channel M) and now has no daily morning paper.

Whilst editor Marc Reeves has to be realistic about commercial viability perhaps the Post should have been supported by either the Birmingham business ‘cronies’ network (who received fairly lavish coverage) and public stakeholders – the Post was undoubtedly Birmingham’s critical friend and the city will be the poorer for its daily absence.

Now this may seem rich coming from a blogger but I actually think that newsprint can be just as important and often quicker than the virtual version….certainly first thing in the morning.

We always had a copy of the Post in our reception and in ten minutes I could skim read it and jot down/flag up anything interesting and relevant which, in fairness, was very frequently.

Personally, I find searching for nuggets of news on the ‘net’ is far more time consuming in terms of wanting a quick overview and the Post website never seems as clear or comprehensive as was the newspaper.

At night I have time to look at the internet (Stirrer included!) but, in the mornings, I don’t think that it is as cost effective timewise for somebody who has actually got real work to do and not the time for a leisurely surf.

I will say that the first weekly edition which I took home was excellent and would make a damn good read on Sundays…an intellectual and digestible read but a cut above the tabloids ….maybe that’s its future?

If the demise of the daily Post isn’t bad enough, the Birmingham Mail is switching to mornings. Unfortunately the array and range of morning papers is a lot wider and I can’t see the Mail competing and its eventual demise will be another tragedy.

Creative Birmingham? Don’t make me laugh! No TV Station, a BBC Radio station which is dumbing down its West Midlands content, a ‘local’ ITV news facility now Midlands wide and the demise of local newspapers.

Only the geeks can save us now.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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