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The departure of Albion boss Tony Mowbray to Celtic will be greeted by supporters with a mixture of sadness and understanding – but defender Paul Robinson deserves nothing but contempt for suggesting he wants to leave as well.

Mogga’s decision to quit, although disappointing given the huge demonstrations of loyalty shown to him by fans in the face of relegation, is at least motivated by more than money.

Celtic are his old club, and few would deny that they are one of the great romantic institutions in world football.

You sense that Mowbray would not have walked out of The Hawthorns for any old job, and throughout his time at the helm he sought to thrill and entertain, by playing the game in the right way. He always carried himself with dignity too.

Robinson, though, is among that most annoying breed of modern players – a fist waving, badge kissing, "man of the people" who plays to the gallery in the hope of bonding with the fans.

Yeah right. That’s why a couple of years ago he was willing to walk out on the club – following our last
relegation – for a move to mighty Wigan. Dodgy knees, not loyalty, kept him at The Hawthorns.

Not that this prevented the sheep from continuing to hail him as a terrace hero.

Surely, after his comments on Talksport yesterday, even the most fervent Brummie Road Ender won’t be fooled again.

Not content with touting for a move to Parkhead with Mowbray, Robinson also invited offers from other top clubs in England, saying: “From my point of view I would love to stay in the Premier League and if a club came in then I’d jump at the chance to play in it.”

Cheers, Paul. And presumably if no one comes in with a tempting offer, you’ll be happy to fulfil the three-year contract you signed just 12 months ago.

Chances are, that’s what you’ll have to do because, let’s face it, you just aren’t good enough for the top division.

Whole-hearted and committed you may be, but your timing, positional sense and heading ability mark you out as no more than decent Championship player – and certainly not a Premiership one.

So here's a word of advice from a season ticket holder and loyal fan of more than 30 years experience - if you are forced to remain at The Hawthorns, don’t even think of trying those bullshit crowd pleasing manoeuvres once again.

Kiss the badge? You can kiss my arse.



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