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Blues have a six-pointer againt Fulham, then a home match against Blackburn to save their Premiership skins. Callum O' Connell isn't putting his house on it.

So, to the last week of a Premier League season full of disappointment for Blues.

At the beginning, the Board promised to spend big - I and many other Bluenoses believed them, even after years when they failed to spend million and millions on players.

I really thought this year with the hype Steve Bruce created about his brilliant signings we could finish mid-table and build for next year. Also, Carson Yueng looked set to take over so more money would be put in to a club which has been deprived of success for over 100 years.

It seems that everything Blues touch goes wrong, everything bad that can happen in football happens to us and we always end up at square one ... or at least the Coca-Cola championship.

Granted there are two games to go and there is a possibility that we may stay up - and I hope that we do, even if people will rub it in my face and tell me that I was a non-believer.

The year has been awful. Talking figures, the amount Steve Bruce spent last summer was no more than £15million, which coincidentally was the amount Carson Yeung invested in the club before his takeover collapsed.

We received £40 million for television rights last summer, so where is my season ticket money being spent?

Mr Sullivan and Mr Gold and you as well Ms Brady – oh, and not forgetting Mr Yueng - please leave our club. Yes, you saved us from financial ruin, but this is supposed to be a working man’s football club where I can go and enjoy a game for £5 or £10 not £35 or £40.

Leave our club so we can start afresh with somebody who will invest.

I would honestly say that every Blues doesn’t mind the price of a £500-odd pound season ticket as long as the club invests £40million, but when it’s just £10 or £15 million I don’t want to watch my team struggle year in year out and pay good money for it.

I want to be able to watch football that has a passion to it and where I think I might get to see my team in Europe.

There are 2 weeks left to save our Premiership lives, and only 5000 people have renewed their season ticket for next year.

I’m not one of them and I can tell you that until I see an investment - and a big one at that – I won’t be doing so.Who’s responsible for Blues plight? Leave a comment on The Stirrer Forum.


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