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THE LUTZ REPORT......................ON DR NASEEM


The Secret Service’s alleged links with radical Moslems, Tony Blair as Adolf Hitler and the whole British political system out to sell the UK down the river. The leader of Birmingham’s Central Mosque, Dr Mohammed Naseem, sits down with Richard Lutz.

Dr Naseem is small, lithe and, at an elderly 85 years of ago, still spry. Without any guile, he says what he believes. You may not agree. You may not swallow his view of the landscape, but, at least, he tells you what he’s thinking.

There’s no veil of subterfuge, no meaningless waffle, no ‘public face’ that softens an opinion. He has a direct reason why the mosque is essential.

‘We have an obligation to serve selflessly.’ he says.

Dr Naseem was born in what is now Indian Punjab and studied medicine in Lahore. He practised in Aston for decades before retiring. He is, without doubt, the driving force behind Birmingham’s Central Mosque, that building that dominates The Middleway and is one of the largest in the UK. He fought for its existence, saw its construction and oversees its continuing existence through thick and thin.

There are other city mosques that reflect other views in the Islamic world. But the Central Mosque is the centre for the Moslem world in Birmingham.

‘There is no concept of gain.’ he explains. ‘(We) work for the welfare of humans wherever they are.’

Right after 7/7 with the blood and horrors of the London Tube bombings, Dr Naseem raised eyebrows and pointed a finger at Tony Blair and likened him to Adolf Hitler. It was shocking stuff. Does he still hold that view?

Yes, he says, and one major reason is what he sees as an overwhelming amount of civil surveillance.

‘That’s the hallmark of Nazi Germany.’ he says. ‘Our liberties and traditions have been tampered with. (Also) there’s no habeas corpus either and that’s something for which Britain was respected for all over the world.’

And further, he points out that the whole establishment - and to him that includes Labour, Conservative and Libdem- is not working for the UK population. But against it.

‘They are all the same. They are not for the welfare of the common people. They will always be working for the people with a lot of money and .the multi nationals.’

He sits in the mosque and continues, fielding any question. He’s a courteous man and not one who looks like the type to make big accusations or bombastic statements.. Around him the sounds of prayers bounce off the mosque walls. He booted the quasi-terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun out of the mosque because of their radical ‘non Islamic’ views. And he claims it has associations with the MI 5.

I question him on this: ‘Are you saying that the country’s secret service has links with Islamic radical groups?’

‘The suspicion is there.’ he answers.

As with everything else, it is said calmly, dispassionately, clinically. This is a man who lives and breathes the inevitable politics that courses through the British Moslem world. But he’s no politician. There’s no edging or hedging around what he believes.



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