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Gaza Flotilla 1



Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood has said Israel is “out of control” and must be punished following yesterday’s attack on a humanitarian aide flotilla approaching Gaza. He warned that failure to act might spark acts of terrorism.

At least 9 pro-Palestinians were killed and dozens more injured by Israeli commandos who staged a dawn raid yesterday on six ships carrying supplies to the territory, which is currently blockaded.

Although TV pictures show the troops faced fierce physical resistance when they stormed the vessels, their reaction appears to have been completely disproportionate – so much so that even the normally supportive British government joined in the chorus of international condemnation.

MP Mahmood said: “This outrageous attack on individuals delivering humanitarian aid should be condemned by all of those who respect life and international law.

”The increasingly irresponsible actions of the Israeli state not only result in the death of Palestinian civilians and those who support their just demand for a homeland, it also provokes revenge attacks against Jews throughout the world and against the innocent citizens of those states seen to be uncritically supporting Israel.

“Coming just four months after the extra-judicial murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, it seems the Israeli state is out of control. The international community must take punitive action against Israel to reaffirm the rule of law.

“Unless it does so it will be seen to be employing double standards in international relations and will increase the threat of acts of terrorism here and abroad.”



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