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Dr David Nicholl recently explained on this site why he wouldn’t be standing for parliament any time soon, but now that his MP Julie Kirkbride has announced she’s standing down, is Bromsgrove ripe for an independent challenge? Here’s Doc Dave’s letter to friends, colleagues, and fellow Stirrer readers.

Dear all,

As some of you may know after all the fuss over the Haybridge Sports Centre some of us had talked about whether we should try and get independent candidates to sit against the existing Council members given how they had failed to keep the local electorate aware of the issues.

Given the scandal surrounding how our MP, Julie Kirkbride, felt that it was OK to get the taxpayer to fund all her families accommodation costs, now is precisely the time to try and get a good quality independent candidate for Bromsgrove to stand against the existing parties at the next general election on a 'clean up Parliament' ticket.

Given that (until now) we live in a safe Tory seat, this is precisely the move which would send a shockwave across not just Bromsgrove, but, I believe, the country.

Basically do you trust the current political parties to clean up the current system? David Cameron has promised radical change, but no political leader in history has ever delivered this kind of change, and there is a strong likelihood that there will be a number of independent MPs who could act as a real authority to drive through the kind of change necessary.

Who would you trust - a Richard Taylor type of independent MP or a Conservative MP appointed in no small measure by the kind of local party which caused such a cock up over a Sports Centre? Clearly this goes way beyond the Sports Centre but the prinicipal of lack of transparency was right at the heart of that local issue as it is at the heart of the current national scandal over MPs expenses.

At this point, I would add I'm NOT proposing myself as a candidate!!! Quite simply at the age of 44 I have quite a number of changes in medicine and neurology I will like to drive through....if I was heading to retirement from the NHS, I would definitely be keen to put myself up as a Richard Taylor style independent.

However, there must be at least dozen similar people within this constituency who would be up to the job, and now is the time to try and identify them, organise a series of local hustings in village halls and church halls across the constituency (similar to the meeting I organised re the Sports Centre). Alternatively, we can rely on the local Conservatives to pick their preferred candidate, sweep to victory and notice that not a lot will change....

Provisional manifesto-

to be honest and transparent (we could ask for candidates to provide a reference from their current employer with a list of their claims for expenses for the last 2 years

to campaign for a referendum on PR

MPs should sit for a maximum of 3 Parliamentary terms (to encourage normal people in proper jobs to go to Parliament)

to campaign for fixed term Parliaments (again more likely to get normal people to apply, eg in the US, Condolezza Rice went from academia to work for President Bush and has now returned to academia)

to campaign for Ministers who are sworn in by Parliament (this could lead to the kind of system as in the US where people actually know about the subject get to do the job rather than the crazy system we have in the UK, eg the NHS with 1.2 million employees being run by a former postman, Alan Johnson)

that if 5-10% of a given MPs electorate ask them to resign, they do and this generates a by-election.

...anything else that the candidates bring can be taken on at the hustings?

What do people think, even this e-mail should put the wind up the local political parties!

Bromsgrove does have (political) talent and they are not in the major political parties, lets seize the moment!





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