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Sandwell Council 2 – Poet’s Corner



The introduction of parking charges and plenty more besides have wound up Brendan Hawthorne to ranting rhymer mode.

Pay on entry
Minute one
No delay
Six days
On commerce
And leisure
Rest on the seventh
While the council counts
The takings
Traders and
Reap the rewards
Of closure
Lack of trade
And a demise
In the quality of life
When living in
A small market town
Lost in a Borough
With apparently no conscience
No understanding
Of individuality
Identity and need
Creating yet another
Thorough fare
On the way
To a free parking neighbour
But people are talking
Momentum is gathering
A march of pens
And petitions
Nine thousand strong
And gathering pace
Gathering interest
Gathering the community
Into one strong voice
Against a further tax
On an ailing economy
Gathering comments
On wasteful expenditure
Gathering anger
On an unclear agenda
Now missing the point
On priorities
Why can’t someone
Stand up and stop
The absurdity
Of small town car parking charges?
Just someone in a position of power
Look beyond the end of their desk
And become a leader
In commonsense
Bravery and vision
And reverse the trend
Of penny-wise
Pound foolishness
Become a beacon
For others to follow
And ease the economic burden
That’s sure to follow
In the footsteps
Of short term fix-its
Come on Sandwell!
Show the people
You have a heart
And an ear
To what your voters are saying!

Copyright Brendan Hawthorne 2009


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