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A tribute show to one of the biggest selling bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Terry Wills digs out his hairdryer for some of those meaningless songs, with meaningless words…

‘The Bee Gees’…. One of the worlds most popular music groups. At their peak selling millions of records, and courtesy of the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ they’ve given tribute acts the chance to play before audiences ever eager to look back and wallow in bouts of nostalgia.

There was no programme to list the performers but this is from publicity literature: “This 9 piece ensemble including a live string section is fronted by real life siblings and Bee Gees veterans Darren and Gary Simmons and Jarrod Loughlin who have performed with the Bee Gees themselves”

After a relatively slow first-half the audience were more than happy to stand, clap, wave hands and thoroughly enjoy the rest of a very nostalgic night.

However it was in the second ha that they succeeded in persuading the audience to ditch their seats, stand and join in as hit after hit rolled out in quick succession.

First up the highest selling album of 1974 “Jive Talking”, then “Staying Alive”-“More than a Woman” –“How deep is your Love” -“ Night Fever”-“You should be Dancing”, followed by what was termed a Acoustic Medley of other recordings possibly more well known to Bee Gees devotees who have bought every album or single recording for their collection.

That appeared to be it but as they appeared to have left the stage I hadn’t the slightest doubt of a reprise. (Can’t remember the last time any group or artist failed to respond to the inevitable clamour for a return).

And what a return as “Tragedy” followed by “More than a Woman” had everyone on their feet either singing, dancing, or waving arms above head’s, to round off a very enjoyable nostalgic ‘Bee Gees’ tribute evening.

A final amusing note before they finally left the stage. The announcement “ If you want to buy a copy of our recording tribute to the Bee Gees then I’m sorry we don’t have any-BUT you can go to our website and download it for free”

And I’d be very surprised if many Bee Gees didn’t take up this offer as a permanent reminder of what turned out to be an enjoyable Sunday night out at the Alex.



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