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Contrary to what Sky would have you believe, football didn’t begin in 1992. Dave Woodhall looks at a magazine that examines in detail the history of our national sport.

First off, Soccer History isn’t a glossy publication you might find sitting alongside 442 in your local WH Smith. In fact, it doesn’t have much in common with 442 at all. The latter is for anyone who loves the hype, glamour and superficiality (or boredom, if you prefer) of the Premier League. Soccer History is for football obsessives. Anoraks, if you like.

At £4.50 for 60 A5 black and white pages it isn’t cheap, but there’s a lot in there. The Autumn 2009 edition contains fascinating articles about Manchester United supporters’ claim to have been the first to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone, the early days of televising live games and the history of an extraordinary team from Sheffield who in the 1880s dressed as Zulus to play exhibition matches.

If you’re interested in how football developed and the characters that made it such a wonderful sport in the days before it became a business, you could spend your money on a lot worse.

Soccer History is available from 52 Studland Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8NW or



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